Driving Innovation with Additive Manufacturing

September 22, 2020

Additive manufacturing is becoming a mission-critical process for more and more companies. Are you ready to make decisions about how to use additive in your company? Are you using this innovative technology in the right places?

aPriori and The Barnes Global Advisors have teamed up to bring you a discussion of additive’s current critical use cases and how using it appropriately can drive manufacturing innovation within your organization.

Our featured speakers include Amanda Bligh, PhD, from aPriori, who brings 13 years of experience on how manufacturing cost evaluations early in design lead to innovative solutions, and Kirk Rogers, PhD, from TBGA, who brings deep knowledge in additive based on his 10+ years of experience focusing on the use of additive technologies to solve manufacturing, repair, and supply chain problems at GE and as an industry consultant.

Amanda and Kirk will discuss the state-of-the art from each of their perspectives, anticipated future advances, and a collaborative case study showing the power of early cost evaluation.

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