Parker Lunch & Learn: The Secret Weapon of Today’s Top Design Engineers is Yours

April 1, 2021
Watch the lunch & learn recording and hear how Parker’s access to aPriori will: - Aid in identifying design outliers early on by pinpointing the parts and features driving the highest cost and manufacturing risk - Detect the highest cost contributors (ie: materials, manufacturing process, and even costly features) allowing your engineers to optimize the cost of each part and speed up your development process; at the same time! - Help your team track development costs and hit cost targets on, or ahead of schedule, ultimately accelerating your time-to-market and time-to-revenue with higher value products During the session we demonstrate Parker’s current tool aPriori Professional, with CAD integration, giving you the opportunity to see your solution in action! Get a firsthand look at how aPriori delivers actionable insights so your team can make smarter design decisions in less time.

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