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  • Cost Insight Generate: Solution for a New Normal55:00

    Cost Insight Generate: Solution for a New Normal

    OEMs and suppliers across the globe face the challenge of regaining business momentum in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To find your way in this “new normal”, you’ll need to have a proactive syste

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  • Cost Insight Design Demo4:43

    Cost Insight Design Demo

    Watch this demonstration to see the features and functionality of our Cost Insight Design application.

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  • Gaining New Insight Through Reporting51:18

    Gaining New Insight Through Reporting

    Watch this webinar to learn how to use Cost Insight Report to gain new insights within product design and sourcing functions.

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  • Cost Insight Generate

    Cost Insight Generate

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  • aPriori Cost Foundation3:32

    aPriori Cost Foundation

    aPriori's Product Cost Management technology is built upon a cost foundation that represents 200+ man years of R&D investment. Learn More.

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  • aPriori Product Overview

    aPriori Product Overview

    Discover why aPriori’s product cost management (PCM) solutions are the perfect fit for enterprise companies looking to realize greater visibility and control over their product costs.

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  • aPriori Automated 3D CAD Costing3:42

    aPriori Automated 3D CAD Costing

    Learn how aPriori's revolutionary product cost management software can rapidly generate detailed cost estimates using any 3D solid CAD model as the primary input.

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  • aPriori 2D User Guided Costing1:57

    aPriori 2D User Guided Costing

    Learn how aPriori can help customers generate detailed cost estimates when no 3D CAD solid model is available. Applications include generating estimates early in the product concept stage.

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  • aPriori Table Driven Costing in aPriori3:43

    aPriori Table Driven Costing in aPriori

    aPriori helps companies turn tables of data and specifications into highly detailed cost estimates for applications such as Wire Harness manufacturing.

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  • Regional Data Libraries

    Regional Data Libraries

    This document describes aPriori's Regional Data Libraries, provides references to data sources, and explains the methodologies used in compiling that data.

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  • aPriori Management Reports & Dashboards2:15

    aPriori Management Reports & Dashboards

    Learn About how aPriori's Cost Insight product can help business & program managers understand product cost status and product profitability trends.

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  • Starting Point Digital Factories

    Starting Point Digital Factories

    Starting Point VPEs are the Virtual Production Environments from which customers start configuration in a production deployment. They provide benchmark estimates and manufacturing guidance.

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  • Cost Model Workbench

    Cost Model Workbench

    This aPriori datasheet provides information on the various features and supported actions of the Cost Model Workbench, as well as an overview of our content rich training program available.

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