Learn more about how product cost management can make a massive impact on your business with our easily digestible eBooks.

  • Agriculture and Construction Industry Solutions eBook

    Agriculture and Construction Industry Solutions eBook

    Read this ebook to learn how aPriori can help ag and construction equipment manufacturers solve their cost management challenges.

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  • 7 Tips to Eliminate Late Stage Redesign Work

    7 Tips to Eliminate Late Stage Redesign Work

    An Industry Week survey of discrete manufacturers discovered costs are getting out of hand. Many companies are making it a priority by investing in simulation software. Here are a few top tips.

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  • aPriori Use Case eBook

    aPriori Use Case eBook

    Check out these real world use cases of product cost management projects completed by our customers & see the savings they have realized using aPriori. Easily digestible eBook format.

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  • Industrial Machinery Solutions eBook

    Industrial Machinery Solutions eBook

    This eBook outlines challenges aPriori addresses for industrial machinery manufacturers including meeting target costs, reducing product costs, improving negotiations w/suppliers and more.

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  • Effective Cost Management

    Effective Cost Management

    This eBook discusses some of the obstacles involved and outlines key considerations and best practices for initiating an effective product cost management program.

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