Whirlpool Corporation Manages Product Profitability with aPriori

Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE: WHR) is one of the most successful manufacturers of home appliances in the world.  Not only do they produce products that have state-of-the art innovative features demanded by their global consumer market, but they also have a state-of-the art target cost management strategy that is consistently applied across their business.

Approximately 2 years ago, Whirlpool made a decision to upgrade the technology backbone of their target cost management practice, and selected aPriori Technologies as their strategic business partner.  Their goal was to evolve beyond a desktop product cost management tool towards a solution that offered an enterprise-wide product cost management platform that would enable visibility, consistency and increased throughput across their global product development organization.

The target cost management initiative at Whirlpool was led by Mark Brown and David Ondrias, and they have exceeded all of their most aggressive goals for this program in the short time it has been implemented in production.

Hear David Ondrias in his own words describe why this global manufacturing leader selected aPriori as their enterprise product cost management platform, and how they have achieved specific, measurable success that they envision extending even further in the future.


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