Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Cost Management Software

aPriori customer Soucy International designs and manufactures aftermarket parts for the power sports vehicle market.  Back in 2015, they were facing a challenge that was making it increasingly difficult for them to respond to customer Request for Quotes (RFQs) in a timely manner.  The root of the problem lay in the fact that the majority of their product manufacturing is done by their division in China.  They would receive a request from a customer for a project.  The engineering team would work on a design and get that done quickly.  But then, they would have to send the design to their counterparts in China, and wait, sometimes a week or more for their colleagues to come back with a price quote they could include in their bid.  This system was not working, and they knew that had to do something to fix it – and fast!

The leader of the Cost Engineering team at Soucy was Mr. Marc-Andre Patry.  It was his job to help address this challenge for Soucy and help them improve their RFQ response time in an increasingly competitive market.  Marc started to investigate product cost management (PCM) software technologies that could potentially help them generate a detailed quote in a fraction of the time of their current system.  It was this investigation that ultimately led him to partner with aPriori and implement the company’s PCM technology platform.

Recently, Marc-Andre’ authored the complete story of how they were able to resolve their quoting challenge, and gain a competitive advantage through cost management software in a special “Upshot” story that we would like to share with you.

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“Now, with aPriori, we cut the supplier from the cost equation and we can reduce our cost visibility lead time from 7 days to 2.5 days. With that huge of a time savings, we now have the possibility to get quicker to market, so the goal is that when a customer has a time crunch, they know they can call us and get a price quote faster than any of our competitors.”

Marc-Andre Patry, Soucy International, Cost Estimation Team Leader

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aPriori’s industry leading product cost management software & service solutions help companies launch new products at or below target cost, avoid overpaying for outsourced parts and accelerate the time to respond to customer RFQs.

To learn more about aPriori, register for our upcoming webinar produced by Machine Design, the leading publication for forward thinking engineers who understand the value of leveraging technology to overcome product development challenges – just like Soucy did in the story above.  The Webinar will include a detailed product demonstration and all webinar attendees will qualify for a 1/2 day Test Drive of the aPriori Cost Insight product.

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