What Will My Design Cost to Produce?

Get Detailed Product Design Cost Estimates in Seconds or Minutes Instead of Days or Weeks

The days of waiting for product design cost estimates are gone. With real-time product cost assessments you can now understand the cost impact of your design changes and trade-off decisions as you make them.  

This whitepaper explains how a product cost management platform provides real-time visibility into the cost of your design and helps you:

  • Quickly evaluate the cost of design alternatives
  • Identify the real cost drivers behind a product design
  • Minimize engineering changes later in the release cycle
  • Eliminate long waits for price quotes
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Intro to aPriori
Intro to aPriori

Overview of Enterprise Product Cost Management capabilities and value provided by aPriori solutions

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Design to Cost 2-Minute Demo
Design to Cost 2-Minute Demo

2-Minute Demo on aPriori's Design to Cost Capabilities For Discrete Manufacturers


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