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  • aPriori Vision for Enterprise Product Cost Management2:41

    aPriori Vision for Enterprise Product Cost Management

    The value of Product Cost Management solutions is amplified dramatically when deployed to all functional organizations across the entire product lifecycle. View aPriori's Vision for Product Cost Mana

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  • American Aerospace and Defense SC Presentation   Dec 201631:29

    American Aerospace and Defense SC Presentation Dec 2016

    Listen to Scott Carlyle, VP of Worldwide Business Operations at aPriori, talk about a solution to the current product cost challenges seen throughout the aerospace & defense markets.

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  • CIMdata Webinar - Optimal Lifecycle Costing is a Team Sport41:43

    CIMdata Webinar - Optimal Lifecycle Costing is a Team Sport

    Listen to CIMdata analyst Stan Przybylinski talk about the findings from his recent research project into the current state of the product cost management technology market. This recording also inclu

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  • Tetra Pak Case Study Webinar30:24

    Tetra Pak Case Study Webinar

    Hear how Tetra Pak is starting to leverage product cost management technology and professional services from aPriori to achieve the following strategic goals: (1) Reduce the number of cost reduction a

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  • aPriori for Design Engineers3:35

    aPriori for Design Engineers

    More and more companies are asking the design engineers to meet specific cost targets as part of the product design & engineering process. Watch this video to learn how aPriori helps customers accomp

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  • aPriori for Cost Engineers4:42

    aPriori for Cost Engineers

    aPriori provides cost engineers with a powerful solution for developing a highly detailed cost estimate for complex electromechanical products. Watch this short video to learn more.

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  • aPriori for Sourcing4:17

    aPriori for Sourcing

    aPriori helps Sourcing managers have a more productive, fact-based conversation with Suppliers around the price of purchased parts. Watch this video to learn more about how aPriori can help you reduc

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  • aPriori CEO Annual State of the PCM Market Address16:27

    aPriori CEO Annual State of the PCM Market Address

    Watch Stephanie Feraday, President and CEO of aPriori Technologies, address the crowd at the 2016 NA STARS PCM Conference on February 9, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ.

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  • Whirlpool Product Cost Management Case Study4:28

    Whirlpool Product Cost Management Case Study

    Listen to David Ondrias of Whirlpool Corporation discuss how their Target Cost Management team has successfully deployed aPriori throughout their enterprise.

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  • Honeywell Case Study5:45

    Honeywell Case Study

    Customer Success Story video featuring Bret Armstrong of Honeywell Aerospace describing deployment and value of aPriori Product Cost Management solutions.

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  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator Case Study - Summary7:40

    ThyssenKrupp Elevator Case Study - Summary

    TKE's Mattijn deGraaf explains how his company went from a small pilot project in Tennessee to a global Product Cost Management deployment spanning more than 100+ engineers at 13 R&D centers worldwide

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  • American Axle & Manufacturing / aPriori Case Study12:15

    American Axle & Manufacturing / aPriori Case Study

    Hear Mr. Ravi Desai of American Axle as he delivers a short Case Study presentation from the aPriori NA STARS Customer Conference. Duration: 12 minutes.

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  • NMHG Case Study2:13

    NMHG Case Study

    Case study video describing how Nacco Material Handling Group (NMHG) has successfully deployed.aPriori's Product Cost Management across their global enterprise.

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  • aPriori EPCM Thought Leadership Series - Episode 123:09

    aPriori EPCM Thought Leadership Series - Episode 1

    Watch the complete interview (23 min) with one of aPriori's Subject Matter Experts, Mr. Ed Zraket. Ed discusses the importance of securing Cross Organizational Alignment before commencing any Enterpr

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  • Our Products - Cost Foundation3:33

    Our Products - Cost Foundation

    aPriori's Product Cost Management technology is built upon a Cost Foundation that represents more than 200 man years of R&D investment, and provides the core engine upon which customers build their en

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  • Our Products - 3D CAD Costing3:43

    Our Products - 3D CAD Costing

    Learn How aPriori's revolutionary product cost management software can rapidly generate detailed cost estimates using any 3D solid CAD model as the primary input. Costs can be generated for a wide ar

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  • Our Products - 2D User Guided Costing1:58

    Our Products - 2D User Guided Costing

    Learn How aPriori can help customers generate detailed cost estimates when no 3D CAD solid model is available. Applications include generating estimates early in the product concept stage when no CAD

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  • Our Products - Table Driven Costing3:44

    Our Products - Table Driven Costing

    Learn How aPriori helps companies turn tables of data and specifications into highly detailed cost estimates for applications such as Wire Harness manufacturing.

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  • Our Products - Management Reports & Dashboards2:16

    Our Products - Management Reports & Dashboards

    Learn About how aPriori's Cost Insight product can help business & program managers understand product cost status and product profitability trends.

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  • Geometry Analysis Tool Helps Identify Cost Drivers2:13

    Geometry Analysis Tool Helps Identify Cost Drivers

    aPriori's new Geometry Analysis Tool with cost "heat map" enables engineers to quickly identify the geometric cost drivers (GCDs) that are most expensive to manufacture.

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